Additional Services

We are MORE than just an online boutique, providing the latest fashion trends! We also provide other personal services and products to bring out the DiMND in you. For anything else other than what’s available for purchase in our store, you would just email:
We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.


We offer hair and make up services. If you need your face beat, a complete make over, your hair done, make up tips, hair care tips, etc… we are here to help!
We provide mentoring/coaching services. If you’re having trouble finding yourself, reaching your purpose in life, or just getting on the right path… we have people on this team who will help guide you in the right direction.
We offer options to get before and after pictures taken and printed at a small cost. Whether it’s before and after a make up session, or before and after you get some dope fits… we got you! We also offer professional photo shoots with our products provided free of charge. We also have fashion shows for model portfolio building.



For all mentoring services, the mentor is provided to you based on your needs. Availability of you and the mentor would determine meet ups. Max is 3 days per week, 3 hours per day.

  • Life Path Coaching : $15/hr
    • Life path mentoring is mainly just meet ups talking and getting to know your personal goals in life. Once that is determined, written plans will be constructed helping direct you in the right path. The length of this session each day depends on the person.
  • Intellectual Coaching : $20/hr
    • This coaching is strictly focused on becoming an intellectual person. Critical thinking, research, and reflection about society and propose solutions will be apart. Individuals will gain authority as public intellectuals in this coaching.
  • Purpose Finding : $30/hr
    • This service is really interactive. Multiple different activities will play apart in finding yourself. Doing instead of talking, in hope to finding who you really are, is what this service is all about.
  • Finding Yourself : $15/hr
    • This service provides you with the basic tools in aim to finding yourself. In this you will be given different routines and methods to add to your life.
  • Starting A Business : $20/hr
    • This service is like a class teaching you the basics on starting a business in general. Creating business plans, creative cash flow charts, learning business licensing, etc will be taught.
  • Become A Boutique Owner : $30/hr
    • This service provides you with all the need to know about starting your own boutique. You will be guided and assisted in finding manufacturers, vendors, etc helping you become a successful boutique owner.


All make up looks accepted! Unique hair service prices depends on the style. Send an email with the style and the price will be determined if not listed below.

  • Full face glam: $50
    • Including lashes & glitter & full shadow
  • Simple beat: $30
    • Including light shadow & lashes
  • Lashes: $15
    • Strip Lash Install *Including Mink Lashes
  • Sew ins: $50
    • Basic sew in with leave out (no closure or frontal)
  • Feed-in braids: $30 
    • 5 or 6 straight back feed in’s (hair not included)
  • Wash and style: $30
    • Natural hair service, simple wash and curl/straighten
  • Wash and deep condition: $15
    • Thorough wash with deep conditioning and hot oil treatment
  • Make up lessons: email for pricing
  • Hair care tips: email for pricing


Photography is a big part of this brand being as though we have an online boutique, do make up, and more.

Before/After print out

  • Small- $10
  • Medium- $15
  • Large- $20

Professional Photo shoots

  • 1 hr  session $60
    •  2 outfits
    • 4 professional photos
  • 2 hr session $100
    •  4 outfits
    • 8 professional photos